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carpal adj : of or relating to the wrist; "Carpal tunnel syndrome" n : any of the eight small bones of the wrist [syn: carpal bone, wrist bone]

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  1. Any of the eight bones of the wrist.



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In tetrapods, the carpus is the cluster of bones in the wrist between the radius and ulna and the metacarpus. The bones of the carpus do not belong to individual fingers (or toes in quadrupeds), whereas those of the metacarpus do. The corresponding part of the foot is the tarsus. Carpal bones are not considered part of the hand but are part of the wrist. The carpal bones allow the wrist to move and rotate vertically and horizontally.


In some macropods, the scaphoid and lunar bones are fused into the scapholunar bone.

The carpus


There exist several mnemonics to remember these bones:
  • Sally left the party / to take Cathy home.
  • Some lovers try positions / that they Can't handle.
Common characteristics of the carpal bones Each bone well almost each bone (excepting the pisiform) presents six (6) surfaces.
Of these the palmar or anterior and the dorsal or posterior surfaces are rough, for ligamentous attachment; the dorsal surfaces being the broader, except in the lunate.
The superior or proximal, and inferior or distal surfaces are articular, the superior generally convex, the inferior concave; the medial and lateral surfaces are also articular where they are in contact with contiguous bones, otherwise they are rough and tuberculated.
The structure in all is similar: cancellous tissue enclosed in a layer of compact bone.'''

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